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What if being straight wasn’t okay?

This does the best job of anything I’ve seen attempting to relate what it’s like to grow up as something the general public has been brainwashed to believe is ‘wrong’. 

Usually when I try to explain how I was bullied and made to believe I was a crime against nature, how it took me over a decade to stop being angry and learn to love myself, I get a shoulder shrug and a ‘oh, yeah, I was picked on, too’, which as a response, aside from lacking basic human compassion, goes a long way in showing that they don’t get it.

It was more than just name calling and finding homophobic slurs written in the dust on my car’s rear window. I had people who loved me telling me that I wouldn’t be bullied if I stopped ‘flaunting it’ like it was my fault that I had fallen in love with a girl.

This video touches on all of the things I remember most about high school in a way that I hope opens up more than a few judgmental eyes and maybe, just maybe, stops people from shrugging it off when someone is open enough with them to relate their story.

- Kit Weeks



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